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Looking For a Job Is Not Easy, Here are Some Tips to Help!

Getting through on job boards

While job boards make it easier to apply for jobs online, they also increase the number of people you are competing against for the position. Employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to make applications more accessible to candidates, but these systems can make it harder for your resume to get through and into the hands of a real person.

Employers have the ability to set their ATS to select candidates based on specific keywords. You can look over some job postings for your field and compare them to your resume and make changes accordingly.


Making your resume stand out

Did you know there is a 6-second resume rule? If your resume Isn't 6-seconds worthy, studies reveal hiring managers will toss it. Your resume should be neat and professional hiring managers should be able to skim your resume & know exactly what skills you possess


Stick to the truth and facts take out all the extra words and unnecessary fluff. Employers want to know the jobs you've had, when you had the jobs, your performance while working at those jobs

and what your current skill set is, try not to make your accomplishments sound more important than they are. Again, stick to the truth and facts, some employers perform employment verifications and will find out if the information has been falsified, which could automatically disqualify you from employment.

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