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Nail Your Interview

After filling out all those job applications, it’s interview time!

Going on a job interview can be intimidating if you are not properly prepared.


Preparing for your interview in advance will not only help to boost your confidence level it, will have you just about ready for anything the interviewer asks you.

There are different ways that you can prepare yourself and if necessary have someone help you conduct a mock interview. Google has tons of interview questions you can practice and there are some listed below. As you prepare for your interview work on your.

Please understand that you are a representation of yourself, you are your brand ; Dress appropriately for your interview, arrive 10-15 minutes early, have a copy of your resume if you are asked to bring one and speak clearly. Relax and remember an interview is just a conversation between you and the hiring manager. Do some research on the company and if you have questions regarding the position or the company ask them during your interview.

Hiring managers appreciate engagement and it gives you the opportunity to learn about the values and culture of the company that you could potentially be working for. Although you are on a job search and interviewing, you also want to know that you are making the best decision for yourself as well.

happy interview

Interview Questions:

1. Tell me about your self.

2. Could you tell me about a time your punctuality or attendance impacted your work?

3. Describe a work challenge or conflict & how you handled it.

4. Give me an example of when you showed initiative & took the lead.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years (professionally)?

6. Why should we hire you, as a new graduate, versus someone with experience? What will you bring to the team?

Questions you can ask the interviewer:

1. Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?

2. What are the biggest challenges facing the company/department right now?

3. How is the culture of the company?

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